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    Doors “Abwehr”™ – this is 11 years of work, 5,500 m2 of factory area, and 250 thousand of sold doors. Our products are demanded in 15 countries. And we are proud that doors “Abwehr” pass the borders and kilometers!
Use of modern European equipment, high-quality materials, constant quality control at each stage of production, and qualified personnel – all that guarantees high quality of our products confirmed by all required certificates.

  We understand that, first of all, the doors are estimated by appearance; therefore, “Abwehr”™ is represented by designer products. We carefully study the tastes and trends – to provide new interesting models.
Today, “Abwehr”™ offers more than 100 models – from simple to premium ones. We create the doors, which decorate your house, but also have a number of advantages:
Fire resistance. All “Abwehr”™ doors have fire certificate of compliance, with fire resistance limit of 60 and 30 minutes (depending on the model).
Burglar resistance. Design of our doors includes metal sheet, additional “anti-cutting” fixtures, and high-quality locks of known brands.

  Noise insulation and thermal insulation. The doors have 2 or 3 sealing layers (depending on the model) and insulated with high-density mineral wool. All doors are certified and have noise insulation threshold of 42dB.

  In 2017, “Abwehr”™ conducted a technical experiment, which showed the level of wear resistance at hinges and handles – according to established standards of the European Union. We passed the milestone of 250,000 opening/closing cycles, and this is the lifetime guarantee!

  We don’t save on innovations, improve our production process, continue the search for better materials, and develop the creative finishing – to provide our customers with reliable protection and make our business partners proud of presented products!