file/abwehr_doors_2.pdf "Abwehr-Ukraine" was founded in 2006, and at present is one of leading manufacturers of entrance steel doors in Ukraine. Production capacities occupy 2500 ΠΌ2, more than 70 employees are involved at the enterprise. All output production is approved by certification according to the established rules, and completely conforms to requirements of Ukrainian standards. The system of distribution of steel entrance doors of TM Abwehr represents a dealer network with representatives in big cities of Ukraine. Besides, the company already works with neighbouring countries and exports production to Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Serbia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

Strategic mission is to enter international market and to co-operate with companies from countries of Europe, America and Africa. If you are interested and ready for a dialogue, please contact us.

    The enterprise has complete closed cycle of manufacture - from manufacturing of steel door skeleton to decorative MDF plates. Automated equipment with CNC machine tools is serviced by highly professional personnel with long-term experience. At each production phase technical analysis and quality assurance is carried out. All this allows to be flexible and to react rapidly to requirements of the market and each client in particular: to provide uninterrupted deliveries; to reduce manufacturing terms, thus having kept factory quality.
    The design of Abwehr doors consists of a box from roll-formed profile and a cloth strengthened by longitudinal and lateral edges of rigidity and filled with isolation material - mineral cotton wool. Doors have decorative furnish from both sides - MDF-decor plate with the maximum depth of milling and gluing around the perimetre, covered with PVC film Vinorit which simulates various exotic breeds of trees. Reliable key group includes two types of locking mechanisms: cylinder bottom and lever-tumbler top, cloth strengthening in the place of fastening of locks, and also armored protection. Besides, the door is supplied with anti-theft anticuts.
    For equipment of entrance doors in the field of safety "Abwehr-Ukraine" company imports accessories from leading firms in the market. At manufacture high-quality door-locks which ideally solve questions of locking the door and house protection are used.

Advantages of work with company "Abwehr-Ukraine"

Possessing big flexibility of manufacture, the company meets requirements of the client and offers custom-made products, and also speed in service and guaranteed technical support.
  • Individualized projects
  • Customized manufacture
  • Constant assortment
  • Personalized attention